KMS welcomes driven and motivated motorsport professionals worldwide to join our dealer network. If you are a growth-hungry company with great customer service and some experience in ECU tuning, you should consider applying to become a KMS dealer. 

The benefits of becoming a KMS dealer are: 
- Increasingly lucrative purchasing terms as you level up in our dealer tiers ladder 
- Full KMS products training course  
- Fast deliveries to you or drop-shipped directly to your customers (within EU) 

If you get approved to become a dealer, we do not charge any franchise fees or dealer setup costs. Just attend the trainings and you are good to go. 

The duties of a KMS dealer are: 
- Promoting the KMS product lineup to your customers 
- Handling the after-sales customer care and support 
- We strongly suggest you offer dyno tuning services to help customers get the most out of the professional grade KMS management systems 

At KMS we serve our customers beyond the standard catalog items. You can trust us to provide additional items such as custom-made wiring looms for your clients’ needs. In any case of special needs, our sales team is in your service. 

The process of becoming a dealer is easy: 
- Fill the application form on this page carefully and thoroughly. Be truthful with your answers. 
- KMS will audit your business based on your answers and online presence 
- Expect an invite for a phone / video call interview within 2 weeks of application, if you have passed our auditing criteria. 

Please fill in the form below to apply: