In addition to the full line of products, Kronenburg Management Systems (KMS) has a number of services available to support.

Rolling road

The rolling road can be used for testing, tuning, measuring and setting up all sorts of vehicles. Our rolling road is a state of the art ‘Maha LPS3000’ capable of measuring both 2WD and 4WD vehicles. The rollers of the rolling road are fitted with a special ‘tungsten/wolfram’ coating for maximum grip when measuring high performance vehicles. On top of that, the rolling road is equipped with a powerfull fan and exhaust gas extraction for extra cooling and clean intake air for the engine.

Engine dyno

Developing, testing, measuring and setting up high performance engines is best to be done on an engine dyno. An engine dyno gives you complete control of all the test parameters and allows you to gather important data of the various engine  parameters. KMS has a ‘Superflow’ engine dyno equipped with an extensive data acquisition system capable of measuring up to 130 channels including engine RPM, torque, power, engine/oil/intake air/ambient air temperatures, multiple exhaust gas temperatures, barometric/boost/oil pressures, multiple air/fuel  ratios, humidity, etc

Custom made wiring loom

There is the possibility to purchase a fully custom made wiring loom by KMS, so it can be connected to the engine right away. For this, the dimensions must be known for all different sensors / actuators. Prices of custom made wiring looms can be found here.

Full Support by phone or online

Should you run into any problems while installing your KMS kit you can always call us for answers, our trained professionals are ready to support you with any questions you have. In case online support is required (in consultation with our professionals) you may use the link below, this will download a file, once openend we can oversee your desktop and make the nessacery changes.

KMS Phone support : +31(0)40 280 26 29 in the menu choose option 3.

KMS Online Support