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KMS CAN Display set



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Item number KAC.02.001

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The KMS CAN display is a simple, reliable, affordable and effective mini display which can be used for many applications. Its compact and robust design makes it suitable for many applications, from racing car steering wheels to snowmobiles, motorcycles to jetskis.

Hower, its compact design doesn't mean that the display is less capable than other larger displays. Smart software in the display enables users to configure five different layouts, making all parameters available at the press of a button. Seven LED lights above the screen aid the effectiveness and workability of the display. All LED lights have two functions. Each LED can be configured as a warning or indiciation light for different variables including a pop-up warning in the display. Their second function is to act as a shift light which can also be completely adjusted to suit users requirements.

Operating the KMS CAN display is very straightforward. Using only two buttons, you can control all the options on the display. The CAN connection cable supplied makes installing the display very simple.

Included within the KMS CAN display package is a CAN communication hub, CAN extension cable, mounting screws and manual. The manual is also available for download on our website.


Item number KAC.02.001