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KMS Dash - Android Only



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Item number KAC.18.001

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Get even more out of your KMS system with fast insights in all the data programmed in the ECU. Read real-time data from our app when driving or when stationary from your own phone or tablet. Apply the learnings from the data for advancing the system configurations. 

Curious? Download the KMS Dash app for Android devices. It receives the data over Bluetooth from the KMS Dash system. 
All data from the ECU (for example engine speed, water temperature and oil pressure) can be displayed via a modern designed and completely adjustable dashboard. Connecting the KMS Dash dongle controller is very easy using the CAN cable which connects directly to the canbus of the KMS ECU.

A complete set for use with our MD35 or MP25*, the set includes:
- KMS Dash systeem
- KMS Dash application for the smartphone
- CANhub connection cable 0.5m

- Simple setup
- Choice of 7 speed scales
- Adjustable visual display for all data from the ECU
- Display vehicle speed, data via the phone GPS or KMS Speed ​​can sensor
- Display G forces, choice of 2 scales
- LED light on the housing for easy troubleshooting
- Water resistant
- Compact design
- Connects directly with our Lambda controller

*Can also be used with the MP25 using an RS232 -> CAN interface


Item number KAC.18.001