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KMS Management ECU MA5



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Item number KMS.06.001

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The KMS MA5 is our latest enthusiast level ECU, designed for getting the most out of your vehicle with an adjustable engine management system. It is the next generation after our bestselling MP25, with improved features and connectibility. MA5 offers you an extremely reliable system and user-friendly software at a very competitive price. It gives you the possibility to manage most turbo and naturally aspirated petrol engines up to 10 cylinders.

Included within the KMS MA5 ECU package is the USB-C communication cable. All necessary software, firmware and manuals are available on our website. The KMS MA5 wiring loom is sold seperatly. Our software is pre-calibrated for our water- air temperature sensors. Therefore these are mandatory to be used with the KMS MA5 ECU & wiring loom. Other sensors can indicate deviating values. Other system sensors such as TPS /oil / crank can be calibrated, but we highly recommend to use ours. Download the necessary software here. See below documents for more information on this product:

MA5 Specs

MA5 Manual

The MA5 works with all KMS accessories & components. Activate for instance one of the key features, a complete self-learning air to fuel ratio control (lambda control) with the KMS Uego CAN controller set to. Precise ignition and air/fuel mixture control will lead to excellent driveability, performance and low fuel consumption.

• Controls up to 10 cylinders
• USB-C communication
• Inputs protected up to 50V
• Water-resistant Aluminum housing
• Engine diagnostics
• CAN-bus
• Shortcut protected outputs
• Idle control
• RPM limiter (launch control, pit limiter)
• ALS (anti lag system)
• Boost control (load dependent)
• 2 different engine load inputs
• 1 configurable analog input
• 1 selectable digital input (powershift, air conditioning)
• 3 auxiliary outputs
• Lenght: ±90 mm
• Width: ±120 mm
• Height: ±40 mm
• Weight 333g


Item number KMS.06.001
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